Thriving through Change - Why the sense of necessity is the first step for improving the situation.

Updated: May 12

Why is it that some individuals can appear stuck while others navigate change so easily? What are the active ingredients necessary to thrive in the face of changes? In our thriving thru change series, we will unpack the human condition. After all, what is happening today is not a mental health crisis, it is our human hard-wiring being put on full display. This series will explore the seven “must-haves” to navigate change more easily.

Why is the sense of necessity a must have?

Others may call this urgency or desire, but we call this sense of necessity. While it sounds simple, what does it really mean to “want to make change”? Below is a simple checklist to follow which can help you better understand what it means to have a sense of necessity. Think about a challenge or goal you are working through right now and reflect on these questions.

Do you:

  1. Have a desire to make changes?

  2. Feel a sense of urgency to try new approaches?

  3. Feel motivated to make an adjustment?

Depending on how you answered these questions, you may feel enthusiastic or any variety of not so fun emotions. As a result, this specific factor can be a reason you are putting energy into making positive changes in your day to day or it can be a resistance point to progress. This is just one of seven that can help you understand more specifically what is empowering you to navigate change more easily or why you may feel stuck.


Sense of Necessity is one factor of seven. When you have at least 5 of these seven factors working your favor, you will find yourself navigating change relatively easily because you are able putting your energy into productive and helpful actions that will improve your day to day. While we will always experience difficulties and setbacks because we are human beings, our ability to maintain optimism, perspective, and productivity are a reflection of how many of the seven factors we have in our corner.

Stay tuned for more of our thriving thru change series.

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