Thriving through Change - How tackling a problem head-on will keep you moving forward.

Updated: May 12

Why is it that some individuals can appear stuck while others navigate change so easily? What are the active ingredients necessary to thrive in the face of changes? In our thriving thru change series, we will unpack the human condition. After all, what is happening today is not a mental health crisis, it is our human hard-wiring being put on full display. There are seven variables that are “must-haves” to navigate change more easily.

Why confronting the Problem (Head-on and Unwavering) is a must have

Are we dealing with challenges head-on or avoiding them? Are we leaning in to understand problems or are we trying to find a quick fix? These are the basic questions we want to answer when it comes to this factor. How we confront the problems we encounter can be a strong indicator of how effectively we navigate them.


1. When you are plagued by an issue, do you observe and study it in an effort to learn and understand?

2. Do you face problems head-on, with unwavering focus and determination to find a solution?

3. Do you deal with confusion by learning more about the problem?

How did you answer these questions? For many of us, we may find ourselves caught between judging and avoiding problems vs. learning in and growing from them. This factor represents the basics of human nature. It is human nature to want to avoid threats in order to stay safe. It can cause so much discomfort that to face a problem with unwavering determination can seem insurmountable. However, the more willing you are to address problems head-on with a mindset of learning and growth, the easier it will become to navigate changes.


Confronting the problem is one factor of seven. When you have at least 5 of these seven factors working your favor, you will find yourself navigating change relatively easily because you are able putting your energy into productive and helpful actions that will improve your day to day. While we will always experience difficulties and setbacks because we are human beings, our ability to maintain optimism, perspective, and productivity are a reflection of how many of the seven factors we have in our corner.

Stay tuned for more of our thriving thru change series.

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