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Precursors   for growth

What is a Precursor?

It is a prerequisite to change.  In other words, a precursor is a factor that must be in place in order for us to make effective decisions.


Why do they matter?  

Without them, change is not possible.  We cannot learn, grow, or adapt without precursors.  It is the precursors that initiate momentum.

Change is a constant.  We are in the middle of a major pivot both educationally and professionally.

What if I am missing some?  

When a person is missing these precursors or their presence is low, they can appear stuck, losing motivation and making unproductive decisions.

How can I improve?  

Identify your baseline.  Recognize your strengths and stoplights.  This dictates how you start the process.

Wisdom to thrive

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is our ability to look beyond our autopilot thinking, to a greater understanding of people and process.


Why does it matter?

The workplace - Traditional talent management and leadership training is broken.   Many existing leadership teams are unable to meet the human needs and are seeking a way to find a better approach to development.

Gen-Z - The next generation has made it clear they expect a workplace that emphasizes values and inclusion.  Anything less is not acceptable.

Our World - It's ambiguous and it constantly changes.  Wisdom provides us the perspective to navigate the world with vigor and self-determination.

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